The scourge of counterfeiting affects all manufacturing sectors, particularly the mechanical sector. The Fédération des industries mécaniques (FIM, the Federation representing companies in the mechanical sector) and the Centre technique des industries mécaniques (Cetim, the Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry) are taking up this issue and raising awareness of the dangers of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is a drag on the economy and job creation, and also increases health and safety risks for consumers.
Holders of manufacturing property rights (patents, trademarks, blueprints, and models) have put a lot of effort into improving the traceability of their products and training the authorities to recognize counterfeits, resulting in a marked increase in seizures.



The Faux Fuyons! exhibition features concrete examples in the mechanical and microengineering sectors. Consumers searching for good deals and the cheapest products can unknowingly be putting their lives in danger and participating in the looting of the global economy. Counterfeiting feeds organised crime, but there is a simple solution: consumers should buy genuine products, even if it means changing our consumption habits!
The exhibition will end with the destruction of bumpers and other mechanical and automotive parts using chainsaws, sledgehammers, and compactors!

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Retrospective 2018 :

Don't miss! 2 Destruction sessions scheduled of March 27 at 11am and 3 pm!

The exhibition will be held at GLOBAL INDUSTRIe from the 27th to the 30th of March!

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