Jobs: at the heart of GLOBAL INDUSTRIE

Contrary to accepted beliefs, the French manufacturing sector is a hothouse of jobs!

Many multinationals, mid-cap companies, and SMEs are desperately trying to fill positions today. But they are too often unsuccessful.
That is why GLOBAL INDUSTRIe is resolutely committed to promoting jobs, training courses, and the attractiveness of manufacturing professions. These are essential themes when it comes to the industry of the future, automation, and specialisation.
GLOBAL INDUSTRIE is committed to helping students – from middle school to engineering schools – jobseekers, people being retrained, teachers, parents, and recruiters. The Campus is a large space entirely dedicated to jobs and training, promoting careers in the manufacturing sector, evaluating available job opportunities, and showcasing the impact of the industry of the future in the years to come.
You can browse the CAMPUS alone or in guided tours of 15 to 20 people. In addition, the exhibitions and a number of exhibitors themselves will host events on this theme.
Visit six stations along the way!

To ensure that each visitor finds what they are looking for, GLOBAL INDUSTRIe’s CAMPUS is divided in six main areas:

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1. Le Point Info : The place to get advice and support

Get answers to your questions and find your way around by following coloured signs according to your profile. We also offer personalised guided tours for students, teachers, jobseekers, and people being retrained. This space is hosted by young people and has its own mobile app to tailor your experience.

2. L’Amphi

L’Amphi features networking and feedback from stakeholders. This open shared space features TEDx- type conferences – 20-minute speeches, followed by 10 minutes of Q&As – and 30-minute conferences covering the market and the various sectors and promoting careers in the industry of the future.
Explore all the topics in the CAMPUS guide.

3. L’Espace Recrutement et Services

This space offers a personalised service to help you find a job, an internship, or a sandwich course. Visitors can drop off their CVs free of charge, and GLOBAL INDUSTRIe’s exhibitors are invited to post their offers. We are partnering with ARTS & METIERS to offer 30-minute individual coaching sessions on targeted topics.

4. La Zone de Démonstration

This space is where you can discover and handle the equipment being exhibited to promote the manufacturing sector of today and tomorrow, and the sectors that are hiring.
For example, you can handle robot demonstrators, virtual and augmented reality tools, and tools used for welding, control-measurement, certification, and automation ... You can also attend demonstrations to learn about job opportunities.

5. L’Espace Métiers et Orientation

L’Espace Métiers et Orientation brings to life the jobs and associated training courses, while focusing on the impact of the industry of the future. Some of the event’s partners who are specialised in this field (Compagnons du Tour de France ...) will be present, along with government departments (Onisep, Pôle emploi, Campus Métiers, Direction du Numérique ...) and representatives from several schools, who will present their training courses: CFAI, technical high schools, IUTs, engineering schools ... This space also includes the CAMPUS library, with documents from our partners and career profiles.

6. Le Parcours Campus Collégien

Le Parcours Campus Collégien will bring out the wealth of the industrial production sector. The goal is to enable students in 7 th and 8 th grades to explore manufacturing careers through personalised visits, guided tours of some events (Connected factory, manufacturing of circuit boards, virtual reality demonstrations ...), and meetings with company representatives (from the purchasing, management, methods, production, design departments) and young people from technical high schools.

Meanwhile, there will be several related initiatives throughout the halls:
At SMART INDUSTRIeS, the Génération SMART INDUSTRIeS competition will invite young people to meet manufacturers and explore their technologies, then write a presentation on how to make a factory “smarter.”
At MIDeST, Elles Bougent will introduce middle and high school girls to careers in the manufacturing and technological fields.

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