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Game factories

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GLOBAL INDUSTRIe’s flagship event Connected Factory is a first in France and aims to plunge visitors into the heart of the industry of the future.

INDUSTRIe’s 1,000 m² life-size demonstrator of technologies, solutions, and industrial know-how follows all the phases of a product’s production, from conception to final delivery ... to a very special customer indeed: You!
Gamebooks have been around for a while. Now GLOBAL INDUSTRIe is inventing “Game factories” by bringing together exhibitors and visitors around a common project!

All GLOBAL INDUSTRIe’s visitors deserve a gold medal !

Case manufacturing station

Sectioning, punching, and folding sheet metal to create the cases.


Robotic transition between the manufacturing and finishing stations

Dimensional control by sampling, manual degreasing, and robotic loading of the cases on the swing trays.

Case finishing station

Application of liquid and powder paint and heat treatment.
Control by supervision of the quantities of cases to manufacture at this station, according to colour.


Robotic transition between the finishing and assembling station

Robotic station unloading the cases onto the swing trays, and mobile robot for the transition to the assembly station.

Preparation and assembly station

A station for preparing the machine that feeds the robot that assembles the object’s four parts.
Stations controlled and supervised via HMI


Objects distributed to visitors

The Connected Factory is a life-size demonstrator of the technologies, solutions, and know-how of the Industry of the Future. Every visitor who wishes will get to manufacture in real time a highly relevant object in this Olympic year: a personalised medal they can take with them!

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